New on Keenspot: WEIRDING WILLOWS!
Posted By Chris Crosby at 10/20/2014 12:40:00 PM
When she was nine, Alice wandered into the Wild Woods and discovered a portal to another world. A world called Wonderland! Now a young woman, she has spent her childhood discovering just some of the wonders the dimensional nexus of the Weir has to offer - a place where the worlds of Earth, Wonderland, OZ, Neverland, Mars, Pelucidar and Elysium collide, and where anything, and anyone, could turn up when least expected! From Frankenstein's Monster to a giant purple T-rex, from talking rabbits to winged monkeys, from a kidnapped Mowgli to a werewolf with a secret, there's never a quiet day in the Weir - and Alice and her friends are all that stand between these worlds, and those who would exploit them. The WEIRDING WILLOWS webcomic presented by ATOMEKA updates every Monday and Thursday exclusively on Keenspot.

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014
Posted By Chris Crosby at 7/06/2014 10:26:00 PM

Keenspot w/ strategic partner Red Giant Entertainment @ Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014 Fast Facts!

Booth Number: #2635

At The Booth: Thomas Fischbach (Twokinds) with guest Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach (Markiplier YouTube Channel), Brion Foulke (Flipside), R.C. Monroe (Out There, In Here, Cliche Flambe), D.J. Coffman & Ally Monroe (The God Child), Benny Powell (Wayward Sons), David Campiti (Exposure, Pandora's Blogs), Jinky Coronado (Banzai Girl), Mort Castle (Darchon), David Lawrence (Magika), and Brian Augustyn (Giant-Size story editor).

Panel Discussion: Sunday, July 27 at 3pm in ROOM 4. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO PRE-REGISTER.

New on Keenspot: THE GOD CHILD!
Posted By Chris Crosby at 4/06/2014 10:02:00 PM
THE GOD CHILD, a new collaboration between webcomics veteran D.J. Coffman (artist) and newcomer Ally Monroe (writer) debuts today on Keenspot and will update weekly for free. Here’s what it’s all about: A secret society known as THE CHURCH has been preventing the second coming of Christ for the past millennium. Looking for redemption and recruited by THE CHURCH a team of gunmen and assassins stop at nothing to track and kill the carrier. Convinced that they are exterminating the antichrist they use any means necessary to fight a secret battle to save the world and their souls. Nothing could have prepared Maggie Lee to carry the God Child, but her life has never been fair. Being thrown out of her home at the age of 16 for being gay has endowed her with the inner strength that will be needed to survive. With assassins on her trail and nowhere to hide, will she survive to give birth to the son of God, or the son of satan? THE GOD CHILD also features coloring by Adam Black and the first outing in comics for writer Ally Monroe. The project also marks the return of indy comics legend, D.J. Coffman to the drawing board. You can also find his past works HERO BY NIGHT (action adventure) and YIRMUMAH (dark humor) right here on Keenspot.

Posted By Chris Crosby at 3/15/2014 09:02:00 AM
From THE LOUNGE creator John Joseco comes THE HUNTERS OF SALAMANSTRA, launching today on Keenspot! Plagued by strange monsters emerging from the mysterious Black Gates, the Kingdom of Salamanstra lies in constant conflict with beasts from the unknown. Follow one young girl and her companion's valiant stand against the darkness in search of profit, fame, and most all adventure as a Hunter of Salamanstra! START FROM THE FIRST PAGE!

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2013
Posted By Chris Crosby at 7/08/2013 12:33:00 PM


Keenspot at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2013 Fast Facts!

Booth Number: #2635

At The Booth: Thomas Fischbach (Twokinds) with guest Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach (Markiplier YouTube Channel), Benny Powell (Wayward Sons), Brion Foulke (Flipside), David Campiti (Exposure), Jinky Coronado (Banzai Girl), Terry Keefe (Supernovas), Ana Alexander (Porcelain), John Gallagher (Buzzboy), RC Monroe (Out There), Bobby Crosby (Last Blood, Marry Me).

Comic-Con Product Debuts: Porcelain #1, Katrina #1, Wayward Sons: Legends Vol. 3 and 4.

Panel Discussion: Sunday, July 21 at 2pm in ROOM 4.

Keenspot 2013: Red Giant Expands To Consume The Earth — Pioneering webcomics publisher Keenspot returns for their giant-sized 13th annual Comic-Con panel with strategic partner Red Giant Entertainment in tow!  Earlier this year Red Giant formally announced its revolutionary free print comic book initiative, the "Giant-Size" line distributing one million free copies every single week to stores across the country beginning in 2014, and this is the place we'll be revealing new details on each title and the awesome creators at their helms!  Plus, get the latest news on the Last Blood and Wayward Sons movie adaptations and much more.  Creators scheduled to appear include Benny Powell (Wayward Sons), David Campiti (Exposure), Ana Alexander (Porcelain), Jinky Coronado (Banzai Girl), Terry Keefe (Tesla), John Gallagher (BuzzBoy), Thomas Fischbach (Twokinds), RC Monroe (Out There), and Bobby Crosby (Last Blood, Marry Me).  All attendees will receive a free poster!  Room 4 

New on Keenspot: HOAX HUNTERS!
Posted By Chris Crosby at 6/14/2013 12:00:00 AM
Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley's hit Image Comics series HOAX HUNTERS joins the Keenspot network as a free webcomic! Cryptids. Aliens. Monsters. All the world's bizarre secrets--what if they were real? Their existence would be debunked by a reality TV show! HOAX HUNTERS is that show, publicly disproving all variety of lore. But their real goal is the opposite: as the world's dark corners surface, the Hoax Hunters cover them up. Updates every Monday and Thursday. START FROM THE FIRST PAGE!

New on Keenspot: PORCELAIN!
Posted By Chris Crosby at 6/10/2013 01:16:00 AM
Red Giant Entertainment brings us an exciting new sci-fi action series today, PORCELAIN! Created by actress Ana Alexander (Cinemax's Femme Fatales), the series follows a futuristic female protagonist who works for a shadowy organization and executes her duties in a cold and clinical manner. Things quickly change, as she begins to unravel the secrets that surround her own existence. START FROM THE FIRST PAGE!

NO PINK PONIES VOL. 2 Kickstarter Begins!
Posted By Chris Crosby at 6/01/2013 01:33:00 AM

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